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Materials and design of safety steel doors

High security steel doors are an indispensable part of the building, it can not only protect people's lives and property safety, but also prevent illegal intrusion and theft. In order to ensure the function and performance of the high security steel door, the choice of material and design is crucial and directly related to the level of safety performance. This article will introduce the materials and design of high security steel doors to help readers better understand this important safety facility.
Material selection: Strong and durable
Steel plate: The main material of high security steel doors is steel plate, and its thickness is generally 1.5-4mm. The steel plate has high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can effectively resist the impact and damage of external forces. The selection of high-quality steel is the basis for ensuring the strength and safety of the door body. Usually, this type of door will use high-strength alloy steel or hot-rolled steel plate as the main material. These steels have great tensile strength and impact resistance, which can maintain structural stability in the face of violent intrusion, and are not easily deformed or cracked.
Stainless steel: Stainless steel has great corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance, and is often used to make high-end high security steel doors. The thickness of stainless steel material is generally 1.0-2.0mm.
Alloy steel: By adding specific elements (such as chromium, nickel, molybdenum, etc.) of alloy steel, can further improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the door body, suitable for wet or multi-salt spray environment applications. Aluminum alloy material is light, strong, and has good corrosion resistance. Its thickness is generally 2.0-4.0mm, and it is often used to make high security steel doors.
Glass: Some high security steel doors use tempered glass as the door material, which has good light transmission and impact resistance. The thickness of tempered glass is generally 8-12mm.
Fireproof materials: In order to improve the fire performance of high security steel doors, some products will be filled with fire-proof cotton, fire-proof board and other materials.
Sealing material: In order to ensure the sealing performance of high security steel doors, rubber seals or brush seals are usually installed around the door

Design details: Both safe and practical
The design of the high security steel doors should not only consider the safety performance, but also take into account the convenience of use and aesthetics, the following are several key design elements:
Anti-skid frame design: The door frame is usually made of thickened steel material, and is designed with a special anti-skid edge to increase the difficulty of prying the door and effectively prevent technical unlocking and violent breaking.
Multi-point locking system: Different from the traditional single locking point, the security steel door is often equipped with a multi-point locking system, that is, lock points are set on the upper and lower left and right sides of the door to form a comprehensive protective network, even if some lock points are damaged, it can maintain the overall robustness.
Fire insulation layer: For high security steel doors that require fire protection, fire insulation materials such as rockwool or aluminum silicate fiber will be filled in the door panel, which can effectively block heat transfer and delay the spread of fire.
Emergency escape device: high security steel doors used in public places need to be equipped with emergency push bars or automatic fall off locks to ensure that in emergency situations such as fire, personnel can be quickly evacuated without being hindered by the door lock.
Appearance design: Although safety is the primary consideration, the design of modern high security steel doors also pursues harmony with the surrounding environment. Through painting, wood grain transfer and other surface treatment technology, not only retains the strong characteristics of the steel door, but also gives a beautiful appearance, to meet the decorative needs of different occasions.
In summary, the material selection and design details of the high security steel doors are the key to ensure its efficient safety performance. High-quality steel materials, scientific and reasonable structural design and humanized safety functions jointly build this solid defense line. With the progress of science and technology and the diversification of user needs, the design of high security steel doors is also constantly evolving, and strive to achieve a more intelligent, convenient and aesthetic integration while ensuring safety. Whether in residential, commercial or industrial areas, steel doors are an important barrier to protect property and personal safety, and their reliability and practicality are trustworthy.

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